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Licked: A Taste of Chocolate 

Jermany and Ivy are an interracial couple who live on opposite sides of the country. They try to find their way into each other’s hearts, but little things keep standing in the way of their happiness. When they finally cave and give love a chance, Jermany makes the ultimate mistake. Now Ivy is left with having a hard time forgiving him. But Jermany isn’t gonna give up without a fight. Will the love they share be strong enough for them to work it out, or will that one mishap end them forever?


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Life is hard for David Thrine. While some exaggerate their conditions, his life is a true testament of living a hard knock life. At the age of thirteen, the only thing he can be grateful for is the roof over his head. But that’s all he has. There’s no food in the refrigerator. Every morning he awakes to the same grumbling he laid upon the night before. He has no clean clothes and no means to wash them. His mother doesn’t want him, and she makes sure he knows that on a regular basis. His biological father resides directly across the street with his mother’s ex-best friend. He also doesn’t want anything to do with him. Living under these conditions leaves David in a precarious situation. Left to fend for himself, his chances of survival are slim unless he takes matters into his own hands. Set on overcoming these obstacles, he turns to the streets. What else does society expect from a teenager when his stomach touches his back, his mother sells the food stamps for cocaine, and he doesn’t know when his next meal will come? At this point, what society expects means nothing. That’s until he meets a man who takes a genuine interest in his well-being. This man, knowing David’s background, takes him under his wing to show him a different life. David, falling into the crease of the man’s fold, soaks up every ounce of energy oozing from the man, while preparing for the future. Except, the Universe had other plans. When the one person who could change his life is snatched away, David has to pick up that old shovel he sought to abandon and return to the streets to dig his own grave. He realized that his preparation for a different life has been an illusion. When headed back to reality, the grief associated with dancing with the Devil is heartbreaking. He’d been running the streets for far too long to know that the streets had no love for a young soul. The streets ultimately loved everyone who played in them accordingly. Aware of that, he anticipated having to sign over his adolescent rights to those very streets if he intended to make it another year. And in the end, it will be that signature that lays the foundation for his future.

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A Hustler’s Love has me Twisted

by Zora 


Circumstances will change your life in a blink of a eye. Kaz, hood rich, young straight boss was living his best life until he crossed paths with Seka. Seka , single mom holding it down for herself, her daughter wasn’t looking for love to hang with her girls, talk shit and live her best life. Circumstances happened when their paths crossed as they both were working hard, playing even harder when a chance encounter will change both of their outlook forever.received_276505949859762 (1)

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Lies of Love

Every now and then you we get into relationships expecting to love, trust, horror, build and most of all respect each other. However things change, people change and then you’re stuck trying to figure out your next move.


Love: an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions: just completely loving someone. It’s when you trust the other person with your life and when you would do anything for one another. When you love someone you want nothing more than the best and for them to be truly happy no matter what it takes because that’s how much you care about them, because their needs come before your own. You hide nothing of yourself and can tell the other anything because you know they accept you just the way you are and vice versa. Purely Love or is it?

This is the journey of three couples facing different obstacle in their relationships, there will definitely be some bridges to cross and some mountains to climb follow the journey just to see who’s love stand the test of time.


Shoulda Let You Go

by Fatima Munroe

Shoulda Let You Go

“Why do you stay with him knowing he’s not the one?”

“Auntie, you wouldn’t understand….”

“Baby, I understand a lot more than you might think I do. Your auntie has been in this world for a long time, and I’m from the same east side of Detroit that your mother is from,”

“It’s just different now than when it was when you and Mama came up. The world has changed since then. You didn’t have to go through the same struggles that we go through now,”

“You know baby, I used to be in a relationship just like yours. He wined me, dined me. I was so happy with my man, we used to catch flights every week. I started planning our life together, what it would be like when we got married.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“When I woke up in Houston in the ICU and realized it was all a lie….”


Dominic a.k.a. Dom is a self-made man who has no patience for disloyalty in his life. He’s seen too much on the streets of Detroit and been through more as a product of his environment. Not all women caught his eye, deep down he wanted that one woman who would make him feel complete based on his past. That was before he met HER. With all of her baggage, SHE showed him there was more to life. SHE taught him how to love. SHE held his heart. Then she left him for HIM.

Seeing so much destruction on the streets of Detroit ain’t normal for nobody, but for Marko it’s life. Never knew his mother, and with a fiend for a father, a bright future and happily ever after was nothing he aspired to. That was before he met HER. SHE was sexy, a melanin goddess in a world of peasants. Smart, but rough around the edges, SHE was the one who grounded him. He needed HER in his life, SHE gave him love. SHE gave him hope. Then SHE left him for HIM.

HE wants her mind, body and soul. HE wants her body and love. SHE is torn between two men. Which one will she choose?

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If Loving You is All that I have to Do.

By Fatima Munroe


If Loving You Is All That I Gotta Do

Struggle with him, they said. Build with him, they said. Support him, they said. I did all that, and you know what I got?  A grown boy on my couch. – Jersey

Jersey knew her relationship with Capo wasn’t worth the lies he fed her on a daily basis, but she stayed, praying every night that he would change. This was the man sent to be her forever love, he had to be. After all, that’s what he told her every time he got caught. Every time she took him back he swore he would change, every time he would do better. Love makes things happen, right? Especially Capo’s. Capo’s love made things happen all over Indianapolis.


I moved bricks for you, hit licks for you. Even left all my side chicks for you.  – Loyalty

Loyalty and Brii were known on the streets of the ‘Nap as Briyalty. She was his Bonnie, he was her Clyde, through it all they stayed down to ride. Lately Brii started making moves without him; sneaking around the city and coming home with things she didn’t have when she left. Things like money, diamonds, cars and a baby that looked nothing like him. When she admitted that she was the proud side piece of ‘Nap Town’s top crime boss, Loyalty understood the true meaning of karma.

Laying eyes on her for the first time since high school, Loyalty saw something in Jersey that he hadn’t seen in all his years on the streets. She had that sexiness, that confidence, that independence….she would be the one to put his life back into balance since Brii left. Everything about Loyalty screamed Capo to Jersey when he asked if she needed a ride. No way was she about to jump out the frying pan and into the fire, it wasn’t worth her sanity. 2017 was a wrap, she had to start making moves in 2018 to better herself as a woman. A relationship with Loyalty, Capo or anybody else wasn’t a part of her future. When a life or death situation hits close to home, Jersey finally sees what she needs in her life. Does Capo grow up to be the man she knows she deserves? Or does she give Loyalty a chance to live up to his name?

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Hills of Miami

A story about two females who commit a crime and run away to Miami, as teens.  Once in Miami they began to reshape their identity by taking on new lives.
Life was the hood dream for the girls. Gina as Shamia, the ring leader of Miami hottest prostitution ring and Tanya as one of the biggest drug dealers in Miami. But all good things come to an end, read along to see if the two can survive the games of the streets without seeing a jail cell.