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James Turner

James Turner was born and raised in the drug-infested Gem City (Dayton, Ohio) and became a product of his environment when he was introduced to the dope game and fast money.  It did not take him long to get entrapped in the lifestyle and spoils that came with his riches.  But he quickly learned that the game loved no one and found out how treacherous the game could be.  Getting money comes with plenty of stories good and bad so ride with this author through the streets of the Gem City while he tells you what people will do for that paper.


This is a story about the drug-infested streets of Dayton, Ohio.  And a tale of how the heroin epidemic mangled the city and produced some hustlers who were doing some big-time hanking, and getting major money in the process. Roscoe Evans was a dope boy’s dope boy when he unexpectantly caught a ten-year bid and had to lay it down. He was on top when crack cocaine was the name of the game, but while he was down the game dramatically changed.  When he came home it was, either roll with it or get rolled over.  The choice was his. He had made a promise that he wanted to keep, but he was confused and always had been about his paper.  So what is he supposed to do? Keep his promise or eat and get some of the money that was flowing through the streets of the Gem City? The streets and the game caused him to miss the love of his life and they both killed with no remorse.  But what will he do when his past unknowingly revisits him?Imagine had love for her man, but she had to do what she thought was right.  She left Dayton hoping to never return but would find herself having to come back when something unexpected happens and ends up causing her to have to do some explaining of her own. If you can’t love or trust the one you want, then love the game and ask yourself. WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR THAT PAPER?????





Le’Vonne was born and raised on the west side of Chicago. At a very early age, she discovered her love for writing. Years later, she would publish one of her works Gurlfriends, followed by Sideline Hoe1-3 and Lil’ Mama Need Love Too. After a stint with a publishing company, Le’Vonne branched out and self-published Dreams & Knightmares and co-authored He Said She said. If Le’Vonne isn’t writing you can find her mixing up brown sugar scrubs for customers of her small business Essence VIII III I. To keep up to date with everything Le’Vonne follow her on social media.
IG & Twitter: @LevonneWrites




Everything wasn’t always what it seemed and no one knew that better than London, Cheyenne, Melanie and Destiny. Four life long friends, each of them had their own demons to fight. From the outside looking in they had it all, good looks, education, and great careers. Behind closed doors when the masks came off heartbreak, depression, low self esteem and jealousy ran rampant. When sex, lies, love, hate, and deceit comes into play will these ladies selfishly save themselves or succumb to what will be.


Everything wasn’t always what it seemed and no one knew that better than London, Cheyenne, Melanie and Destiny. Four lifelong friends, each of them had their own demons to fight. From the outside looking in they had it all, good looks, education, and great careers. Behind closed doors when the masks came off heartbreak, depression, low self-esteem and jealousy ran rampant. When sex, lies, love, hate, and deceit comes into play will these ladies selfishly save themselves or succumb to what will be.

received_1796363523949632HE SAID SHE SAID

Walter Prince was the kind of guy that every woman wanted and suckas loved to hate. he had it all good looks, money and street fame. One of the leaders of Seven-Live a crew that consisted of him and his two best friends Maine and Steele. Walter was a bad boy in every sense of the word, that is until he met Shayla.
Shayla is beautiful, spoiled, and educated used to getting her way until she met Walter. He was everything that she needed. Streetlife wasn’t something she was blind to, but she wasn’t in the midst of it until she fell in love with a gangster.
Drawn to each other like moths to flames. One unforeseen circumstance after another threatens to tear them apart as they fight to stay together. Ride with Walter and Shayla as they figure out if what they want to obtain is really worth fighting for.


Ms. Ayneka Scott is the adventurous mind behind The Honeypot Chronicles, a three book series of erotic stories sure to serve you just the right amount of “heat.” Born and raised in South Carolina, Ms. Scott keeps herself busy with being a full-time mother, working and writing every chance she gets. Although she has no formal education in creative writing, the first book in the series has 4 and 5 star reviews thanks to her natural talent for bringing imagination to life. With her three books being in the realm of erotica, Ayneka plans to flex her writing muscles in the urban fiction world with two full novels in the works and a drama/suspense novella soon to follow (as an e-book only.) But, fans of The Honeypot don’t have to worry…there’s enough sticky sensuality in the pot to spill again!
“Writing isn’t a part of life…IT IS LIFE!”

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It is said variety is the spice of life and with The Honeypot Chronicles, you get the kind of variety that gives you the kinky spice in your bedroom. The characters, both male and female, have one thing on their mind-catching the object of their attention and releasing all of the lust they have inside. These stories contain characters who could be your neighbor, the gas station attendant or the seemingly straight-laced couple with the big house and beautiful kids. They could even be you. Within the folds of these stories, these normal people explore the fantasies that burn their souls and kindle their desire, touching on bondage, role play, multiple partners, etc. For example, sometimes the best way to get over someone is to get on top of someone else…maybe a woman’s imagination is so powerful, she can create a man out of thin air to give her pleasure…or, maybe a Domme makes a perfectly seductive sub.

Who knows what can happen between the pages of these stand-alone books, which allows you to indulge in any order you choose.
Take a dip into The Honeypot!!!


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By Imani

Deadly Karma: Sins of A Mother

In the usual quiet town of Mossville, Louisiana, a mother’s inconceivable act of violence sets in motion a string of deadly events for her beautiful daughters, Kam and Aleena Wesley long after she is gone.
After a tragic event unfolds, Kam Wesley leaves Mossville with the intention on never returning until she gets a disturbing phone call from her sister, Aleena, who claims she blacked out and awakened next to her dead boyfriend’s body.
With the murder charges mounting against her sister, Kam heads to Louisiana to help her clear her name, but the moment Kam sets foot on the wet soil of Louisiana, the Wesley sisters’ lives began to unravel. Following the murder of her boyfriend, the body count around Aleena begins to rise and a series of frightening catastrophic episodes leads Kam to believe that someone is out to kill her. Little did they know that their mother’s past has come back with a vengeance to haunt them.

It is not failure itself that holds you back, It is the fear of failure that paralyzes you-

Awesome read


A very real fact. Humans have power to think and this power sometimes make you more weaker. And you all knew it very well but still we used to forget this thing.

You know. At every moment someone in their life got failure. Everyone experience this failure at some moments of their life. Failure come to those who are stepping ahead in life for their dreams. Guys, I know we all have gone throw this. But still some who don’t care about failure they step up in life and some who care about their failure still they couldn’t decide wheather to step up or step back. They already paused their life. It means they stopped writing.

Don’t ever let your mind control your life. Once it happened things will start to go on wrong way. Why? Because when we think more of something our mind give us 100 good points…

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22752645_1751615551518243_427741977_nAlethia Parson Speller currently lives in the city where she was born, Norfolk, Virginia with her family. She is an alumnus of Booker T. Washington High School. Alethia attended Norfolk State University and received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology, Master’s of Arts in Urban Education and Teacher Certification. Mrs. Parson Speller attended Cambridge College and received a degree in School Administration. Alethia has taught for both Norfolk and Portsmouth Public Schools since 2001. She is the co-founder/owner of Divine Kreations Publishing Company. Mrs. Parson Speller also co-authored the Married But Single series and released her first novel, Broken By Default in April 2016.


22773338_1751615904851541_814177663_nCarla Brown taught for 10 years for Norfolk Public Schools in Norfolk, Virginia. She currently teaches in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mrs. Brown has also taught Public Speaking at Tidewater Community College. She was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia where she graduated from Norview High School in 1997. She attended Norfolk State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree. Mrs. Brown later attended Cambridge College where she received a degree in School Administration.




Married But Single


Timothy Maxwell Phillips has it all: a beautiful wife, twins, nice job, and a gorgeous home. Yet, he couldn’t seem to stop cheating on his faithful wife Marcina. She finally gets fed up with his bullshit! Timothy never realized that jeopardizing his family over some ass would cost him so much. After discovering that his latest trick, Destiny is pregnant, Marcina yells, “Timothy Maxwell Phillips, you have been a married, but single man for way too long, so it’s my privilege to serve you with these papers today!”

Marcina and Brian both wounded by their cheating spouses turn to each other for comfort and support. Neither of them envisioned that their chemistry inside and out of the bedroom would take them to places that either of them knew existed. Meanwhile, social media has drawn Serita, Brian’s wife, and Timothy to each other.

Many lives are forever changed as a result of the twists and turns of being married, but single. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but what happens when you realize it isn’t even grass, its artificial turf! Today, there are so many married men and women living double lives and acting single. It’s so easy to leave the wedding vows and commitments at the front door of their residence, only to pick it up once they return.

“A marriage takes two people being faithful who requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ~Michel de Montaigne~


Married But Single Too


Timothy, Marcina, Serita, and Brian are all still married, but living the single lifestyle. Catching feelings have caused lives to be forever changed, put at risk, and in danger. Marriages are tested and commitments are challenged as the couples deal with the consequences of their choices to step out on their marriages. No one got the memo that separated is still married, or have the laws changed?

Single ladies Diamond and Destiny bring their “A” game and sideline hustles to the table risking it all trying to become First Ladies. These two just want to be fucked, flipped, and dipped with some mind-blowing sex. This open marriage, swingers’ type shit is definitely going down in two thousand and fifteen. Diamond will not stop until her beloved is all hers; by any means necessary! She has a reputation for bringing grown men down and having them growling at her feet. It’s like she was kryptonite, they couldn’t stay away from her and were no match. Women like her should come with a warning label. Seriously, her ass needs to have a disclaimer attached that says, “Fuck with me if you want to, I will have that ass walking around in the daylight feigning for my ass with a flashlight.” Some women have their own agendas and by the time men figure it out, it’s always too late!

Janice, Russell’s wife has zero tolerance for foolishness but is rooted strongly in her faith. Although she is a known fighter, she is the glue that will hold the family together while battling her own marital problems. “All marriages go through tough situations, dedicated couples figure out a way to get through them!” Standing firm on the promises of her faith, Janice recognized that prayer changes things with the one who prays.

Some lives will be lost and others sparred, friendships tested, and commitments renewed; being married, but single too!


Tested, Tried & True


The crew is back and living more reckless than ever! Timothy, Marcina, Serita (Arleen), Destiny, Mrs. Regina, and Brian are all back with a few others coping with their choices a

nd consequences of living the married, but single or taken lifestyle.
When everything is all said and done, friendships and marriages will be Tested and Tried. It will have you doubting if real love is even True! Some people will bounce back; however, others will be completely over the problems associated with their relationship or martial blues. The drama unravels and the chaos hits the fan. Only time will tell just who will be left standing. Relationships are often murdered by disrespect, selfishness, disloyalty, and egos. It makes one wonder; what does love have to do with anything when it comes to matters of the heart?


Married But Tempted 


The dust has settled as the drama continues to unravel and chaos hits the fan. The crew from the Married But Single series returns living more reckless than ever!

Follow along as Timothy, Marcina, Brian, Destiny, Janice, Mrs. Regina and a few new characters continue to deal with the ramifications of being committed with temptations.

Relationships would be better off if people would practice the 3 C’s: Consistency, Communication, and Consideration. In order to have successful commitments, people must be consistent with their actions, have a willingness to communicate openly and honestly with others, and have consideration of one’s time and feelings. Seems so simple, yet it’s often overlooked.

What do you do when your heart is at one place, yet reality has you somewhere else? With so much temptation going on, does LOVE even fit into the equation?


The Quiet Storm


Deidre Leshay




“Last night was the worst night of my fucking life. I had a fucking gun at my head and was terrified, John’s fat sloppy nasty dirty ass threatened to kill me all because I wanted to help you out and your stupid ass never showed up.” I screamed as I launched at Kristen my ex-sister, roommate, and best friend.

Kristen and I met when we were in the first grade and have been joined at the hip. When we were in the fifth grade she lost her parents in a car accident. My parents were more than happy to take her in. She in a sense became my sister. Once we had completed grade school she becomes Krissy the only time I refer to her as Kristen is when I am about to kill her. After our first year in college, Kristen decided that she could make more money entertaining men. I, on the other hand, was too scared to tell our parents I wasn’t going to complete school so became a doctor just as my father told me to.

Kristen followed her heart and become an escort. One day she plans to go back to school and become a lawyer but right now she likes having all the men drool over her.  From time to time she needs someone to help her and I am usually that girl. Last night she wanted to see her part-time lover Rome and needed me to stand in for a few hours. We would split the earnings.

I get there and the guy is fat like Notorious Big fat. He had to have seven or eight stomachs and his breast was three sizes larger than mine. As soon as I laid eyes on him I threw up in my mouth. He was wearing a purple shirt looking like Barney.

Not even thirty minutes later it’s a fucking real-life slaughterhouse bullet were flying everywhere. He had the nerve to grab me up and hold his gun to my head and say he would shoot me.  As if whoever was up in his spot gave a flying fuck about him killing. Thank God, the police showed up or I would be dead.

“KAILEY CALM DOWN,” said hollered throwing her hands up in a lousy attempt to stop me in mid-air.

“How on God’s green earth am I supposed to calm down when you almost got me killed? Why didn’t you show up? I answered landing on top of her.

“Kailey I’m not going to fight you. This is a stupid misunderstanding. Let’s not ruin years of friendship.”

“Oh, bitch we are definitely fighting and we are definitely still going to be friends sometimes we just need our asses kicked for the stupid shit we do,” I stated while hitting her in the face back to back.

It’s great that Kristen doesn’t want to fight me she looks real good taking this ass whooping like a woman. Kristen catches me off-guard when she grabs me by the hair slings me off of her, jumps up and kicks me in my ribs 3 times. That last kick took my breath away. A scream of pain left my lips.

I am a good fifty pounds larger than she is never would I have imagined that she would be able to throw me. When in a fight one should never underestimate the competition.  Damn, I was not ready for that. Quickly regaining my composure and put my game face on because it was going down.

Once, off the ground, it was easier to attack her like a wild animal. Knocking us to the ground, this time, I was on top of her and pounded her head into the ground then started punching her in the face again. She scratched my face and hit me in the face. Pulling my hair yet again.

That shit hurts like hell. Clearly, this was not thought out. It’s by the grace of God that I won or hell we both just got tried. She laid on one side of the ground and I laid on the other both out of breath and beat up.

Looking over at Kristen I asked,” what are we having for dinner?”

“Roosters sounds great?”

“We need to get cleaned up and get dinner and umm you need a better job, Kristen, last night was scary as fuck.”

“I’m so sorry Kailey, I hope you know I would never put you in any danger, I lost track of time. Rome was giving me that work,” she replied.

We laid there on the floor for fifteen or twenty minutes before mustering up the energy to get up and get dressed.

Rooster was packed as usual. There was nowhere to park. We decided that we would just eat where else. We had to get some gas first. BP was on the corner after parking at the gas pump, I went inside to pay some lady was screaming at the store clerk. The line was out of control.

“Why is everywhere so busy it’s a damn around here tonight? All I want is some fucking chicken and a glass of wine.”

Just as I was opening the door my phone beeped, pulling it my pocket checking to see who was messaging me. My attention was on my phone and not on what was in front of me, and I walked into a couple. We collided so hard I dropped my cell phone.

“SHIT! I am so sorry.” I said slowly looking up to find a pure vision of loveliness standing in front of me.

He had to get you so fuckin sexy smile as I looked him and down. He wasn’t super tall if I had to guess I would five foot ten. He was a deep peanut butter complexion with round eyes. Not large eye they were just very round. From the way his shirt looked one would guess that he had a solid chest. His smile was breathtaking hell I was so busy staring at him I totally forgot to that he had a woman standing next to him.

“You good Ma,” he replied bending down to picking up my cell phone. He handed me my phone and we stared at each other smiling like dummies.

“I’m Q.”

“Nice to meet you Q, I’m Kailey.”

“Kailey, you are very beautiful. Why don’t you let me add my name to your contact? And you add your information to mine.”


We exchanged phones and I added my number. Q gave me back my phone and we stood there smiling at each other again.

“Q did you really just give that bitch your number in my face.” The woman standing next to him said.

Which was my queue to walk the hell away; I don’t have time for silly bitches and their drama. Fucking with Kailey she will get her ass beat all across this parking lot for real.

“Kailey, call me later,” Q commanded.

There was no need for me to respond if he wants to talk, he will call me when he gets a chance. Not to mention that it was very disrespectful for him to hit on me in front of his chick.

Once back to the car I paid for the gas using my credit card pumped it and I was about to get inside my car a voice yelled: “You BITCH!”

I turn to see oh girl charging toward me. There is not enough energy in my body to fight this random chick about her man liking what saw. Before she would get to me Q had yoked her up by her arm.

Just as I got in the car there was a text from my father saying he needed to see me ASAP. Damn, I’m not getting my fucking chicken tonight. I whined as I turned on the car, and headed to his house.