Meet the Author

Hello, my name is Scott Meehan. I am a retired Army veteran of twenty-five years; teach Business at a local college; published author; married for thirty-six years; have two grown children and four grandchildren. We are members of a local church and Disney World : )

The face behind the Pen


Q1. What made you start writing?
My background, which consisted of thirteen different schools growing up across the United States and three other countries. After graduating from high school, I traveled the country and world even more until I joined the Army in 1980. I served a tour in Berlin while the wall still stood and did four tours to the Middle East. So, my vast diverse experience across the globe serves as the backdrop of my writing since I kept a journal and wrote down my experiences.

Q2. How long have you been writing?
Since middle school (the seventies), however, my first published book was seven years ago in 2011.

Q3. What is the hardest part about being an author?
Finding enough time to sit, be alone, and jot down all the flooding stories swirling through my mind.

Q4. What lessons have you learned about being an author?
Writing is the easy part for me…marketing, or I should say, convincing readers that my books are good and that they should pick one up is the hardest part.

Q5. What is the best part of being an author?
The development of characters coming to life and the connection with readers.

Q6. Does the cover play a significant role in buying process?
Most definitely. For me personally, any time I walk into a bookstore, I am immediately attracted by the best covers first.

Q7. Tell us a little bit about your cover art. Who designed it? Why did you go with that particular image/artwork?
I began looking for those who advertised book cover art and chose the least expensive. I also tried those who were more expensive. Sometimes there was little difference. Since I teach computer courses in my Business classes, I have learned to design my own covers…some good and some not so good. The bottom line now is that I have recently signed a contract with Creativia Publishing and they will do my covers. I am more than happy with that because the result of their first cover was absolutely stunning, in my opinion. The cover epitomizes the storyline. See for yourself:

Q8. Please describe what the story/book is about.
I have written several books but the first one published by Creativia Publishing is about a Green Beret soldier, Ron Hawkins, a dedicated, compassionate man who finds his calling in the Army Special Forces. Like his father, who served on Delta Force, Ron fights for principle – a cause beyond his personal interest.
But when Ron is sent with his team to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror, he faces a life-changing decision. After he rescues the beautiful Afghan girl, Sarah, from a Taliban execution, Ron finds out that the girl has her own plans of escaping the war-torn land that is keeping her from living her dream.
Love in the House of War is the epic story of America in the 21st Century, told through the lives of a career soldier and his family, spanning the tumultuous war on terror years from Afghanistan to Iraq while facing both the Taliban and ISIS head-on. It is a modern day tale of the life-and-death struggle of physical and spiritual, good versus evil, in today’s dynamic warfare.
Interesting is the fact that I wrote this book back in 2014 and this month, the movie 12-Strong just came out. Both stories are from the same war and battles.

Q9. Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
Well, I identify closely with Ron Hawkins. We had similar paths except he went to Afghanistan and I went to Iraq. Also, he met the love of his life in Afghanistan and I met the love of my life in the jungles of Ecuador.
Q10 Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book? What makes your endeavors unique?
The intended audience is anyone associated with: the military (including family members), world travelers, multi-cultural people, coming-of-age young adults (and teens), romance (females), suspense, war (Males), a bit of fantasy, and religion—basically, everyone. The uniqueness comes from my first-hand experiences across many cultures around the world.

Q.11 Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?
Definitely Chris Hemsworth (Ron Hawkins) and Gal Gadot (Sarah Rajiv-Hawkins) would be perfect for Part 1 and 2 while the addition of Emily Carey (Asha Hawkins) would be perfect in part 2 as the daughter. Maybe Romeo Beck (Caleb Hawkins) and Levi Miller (Seth Hawkins) would be good child actors for the roles in part 2 as Asha’s brothers and Asin Thottumkal could play the role as Miriam, the rescued Iraq girl and adopted sister.

Q12 Is there any more projects you are currently working and what were your past works?
Here is the list of past published books and current projects:
• Prince of Babylon-Epic Novel (Co-authored)
• All I Could Be-Memoirs
• Stone In A Sling-Memoirs
• Love in the House of War-Epic Novel
• Millennial Girl-Sequel to Love in the House of War
• Duty Recall-Military Time Travel
• Girl Alone-An American soldier and an Iraqi Refugee (Short Story)
• Cold War In Berlin-Espionage (Short Story)
• Crossroads-Coming of Age devotional (Short Story)
• Desert Rock Café-Insights from the war zone (Short Story)
• Millennial Girl 2: Betrayed (Sequel to Millennial Girl)
• Wasteland-(Mystery)
Q13. What advice would you offer an aspiring author?
Just write! Write, write, and keep writing.

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