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A Warrior’s Umbra

Chris Dinsmore

After waking up in a spaceship with no memory and wires running through his skin, Jester learns he will be making a crash landing. With the temporary help of a voice filling his head with information and survival tactics, Jester must learn how to survive on his own at just age five. Though he is young, Jester can do things most could not imagine. Upon crashing he learns of his strength and speed when he compares it to that of the Histainites. Jester meets these giant ape-like creatures soon after he lands. The three beasts were scared at first, but the largest, Ozar, accepted him.

Jester is introduced to the tribe and place he will call home. Jester meets Mora and Paki, both of whom are a part of Ozar’s family. Soon after being introduced, Jester uses a method of transportation called the wind tunnel and finds himself lost when he gets off on the wrong floor. This small adventure on the lost floor urges Jester to never use the wind tunnel again, and instead he opts to take the ramps lining the main room’s perimeter.

Paki shows Jester his home and informs him he will be hunting with Ozar the next day.

During the night Jester has his first dream and meets six shadow figures. Each of these figures only reveals their eyes.

Before the hunt Jester meets Dargon, a Histianite with a temper and large black streak lining his arm. Dargon complains to Ozar that Jester is a replacement for Mozen.

During the hunt, Jester finds he is incapable of killing even though he easily subdued the attacking beast. Unlike the Histianites, Jester feels sad seeing the beasts die and ends up walking off a cliff near the hunting site. Jester had a long fall but was never injured. Ozar noticed this and told him to keep his special abilities such as this secret from the tribe.

When Jester returns, Mora talks to him about her son Mozen who died by the hands of a monster named Tenebris. It was the same one who injured Dargon, Mozen’s best friend. Mora explains that Ozar was so accepting of Jester because of his lost son. Mora also expresses that she looks at Jester as a part of the family.

For five long years Jester is able to conceal his abilities. While Jester hides his abilities, he also is reminded that he is different from the Histianites. This causes him to wonder more about who he is. At the same time, he develops a loving relationship with his family, Ozar, Mora, and Paki.

Over the years, Dargon became more aggressive and jealous. During a Histianite climbing event, Dargon even tried to commit suicide due to the loss of his friend. When Dargon made this suicide attempt during the climb, Jester revealed his abilities to save him.

The Histianites became fearful, forcing Jester to speak to the tribe elder about the incident.

When Jester returned inside his home, he became exhausted and decided to use the wind tunnel once more. When he did, a voice called him back to the place he had gotten lost one time before. Jester followed his instinct and reached a room where he met what seemed like a Histianite ghost. The ghost told Jester that he might be the warrior of Histianite legend.

Jester also met with the elder who informed him he should seek guidance from the deity, Caigo.

Jester leaves his family heartbroken, acting under the instruction of the tribe elder and the ghost. He climbs Histian, the mountain, to meet Caigo.

Once atop the mountain, Caigo informs Jester that he is most likely the warrior of Histianite legend. Caigo gives him a look into his destiny beyond the Histianites and states that there is someone who will arrive when Jester is thirteen. Caigo says that this being will threaten the lives of every Histianite. Caigo explains why and how Jester must train to defeat this adversary.

Over the next three years Jester is trained. At the same time, he has visions of the six shadows from his first dream and of the thing he will fight.

Jester’s training comes to an end with a final battle between Caigo and Jester. After the battle Caigo falls over in pain and tells Jester the beast has arrived, but it is too powerful for Jester. Caigo believes the only way for Jester to stand a chance is for him to donate his power to Jester. Once he forces Jester to take his power, Caigo dies.

Jester returns to Histian to find his family and all of the Histianites have been killed by a possessed Dargon. Jester struggles in battle against Dargon, but comes out on top. Though Dargon died, Jester still felt the dark power. Outside of Histian stood Tenebris, the murderer of Mozen. Jester hopelessly fights him and nearly dies. On his deathbed Jester sees energy manifestations of all the Histianites led by Caigo. Jester receives words from Mozen and the rest from beyond the grave ending with Caigo telling him to return to the structure on top of Histian.

Using the energy of all the Histianites, Jester is able to fight Tenebris in an epic battle while he moves toward the structure, under Caigo’s instruction. Jester is able to defeat Tenebris after using all of his energy.

Jester begins to think about meeting the six shadows and seeking out the rest of his destiny. He sits up to find a humanoid cloud where Tenebris once was.

Jester struggles to move back to the structure, but before he makes it, the evil entity passes through him ripping his life away.

Much later, Jester wakes up and finds the structures power had nursed him back to health. He gets up, recognizing Caigo saved his life, and journeys beyond the mountain chain. Jester sees a man walking alone across the plain. He follows the person to an underground facility.

From the underground facility, Jester learns others like him landed all around the world at the same time he did and a man recently came to power and threatened to kill them. Jester realizes the others are the six shadows and the man in power is the entity who was once Tenebris. Jester makes this connection and discovers his true destiny is to save his race from this evil entity.

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