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Who’s the Best I have what you Dream About
by Mona Altidort
Love is never simple, nor can it be arranged or put on a schedule. Real love happens naturally, but can catch you off guard and enter your life when you least expect it. Have you all types of confused. Revamped anything you ever thought love to be. That is that chemistry love. That knock you off of your feet love. You feel it in your heart, soul, and in the treasure between your legs. Simplicity has no room for that kind of love.
Sexy, cocky, Haitian-born, Jacob Charles is many things, but simple is not one. Complexity reflects in his existence and the world around him. Possessing a “special ability” will bring a change in his life he will not see coming and introduce an unusual attraction neither he nor his fiancée, Marcel Dejour will be ready for.
Vibrant, out-spoken, Charisma Addison is your typical drop dead gorgeous sexy vixen. She owns a body that never quits and a personality to match. Sex, as opposed to love, rules her body, mind and heart. Charisma, however, will bring new meaning to the phrase, more than what meets the eye. Unfortunately, for the current man in her life, Michael, he will be cheated out of learning the very best part of her, for he is not the chosen one. And because of his own secret, it will be vice versa.
Come take this ride in this intriguing, romantic, and erotic paranormal tale with Jacob and Charisma, as well as the individuals in their circle, as they struggle with love, sex and passion woes where they will seek who the very best is in Who’s The Best: I Have what You Dream About.

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