Book Tea w Ms Dee

This weeks Hot Read

Crimson Killers by Alyss J. Anderson


The world is full of people and creatures that crave something. Vampires crave blood, and Zombies crave brains. Some monsters crave certain acts like stealing and murder. There are people who crave more than one thing. This isn’t a story about vampires though it may seem like it is, that is why Nick and Sheri are a unique kind of Crimson Killer…. Nick and Sheri Glass are concerned about people, that is why they opened a blood bank. They want to help those who need blood donations, or are they the ones who are in need? What really goes on behind the doors of the Charity Blood Bank? Could Heinous crimes really be happening there? Is Nick and Sheri responsible for so many missing persons reports? Are those missing persons reports really unsolved murders?

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