Book Tea w Ms Dee

Book of the Day

Giving my Heart and Soul to the Realest

By Chanique J.

All Monee knew was DeWhite, her high school sweetheart and first love. With over ten years invested to their on again and off again relationship and two kids, Monee tried to stick it out for the sake of her family. Good just wasn’t good enough for DeWhite and the family life just wasn’t the thing for him. After trying time and time again to make things work Monee realized she was trying to revive a situation that was long gone. She finally walked away when she realized her first love didn’t have to be her only.
When Monee met Kilo she never expected him to be the man she would give her heart to. Agree to Disagree is pretty much what she did when she allowed him into her world. Being from two different lifestyles you would think they’d clash but suprisingly they didn’t.
Kilo has always been the ladies type of man never once settling down with just one. Keeping it real and doing what he feels is what he did best with the women he came encounter with. Kilo thought he had the game all figured out until he came across Monee.
Being fresh out of a long-term relationship that left her with nothing more than the two kids they conceived, Monee wasn’t ready for what she Kilo had to offer. Witnessing all the trials and tribulations her sister encountered loving Kilos best friend, Monee begins to wonder if she bit off more than she could chew.
Everybody heard Monica’s story and how she loved a boss through it all. Now it’s time to take this journey along with Monee and see exactly how she fell in love, then gave her heart and soul to the realist.

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