Meet the Author…

My name is Tamara Ellis I’m 31 years old. I’m from Jacksonville, NC. I’m the author of Betrayal In Its Rarest Form. I’m signed to Soulja Choc Presents.

Q1. W

The Face behind the pen.

hat made you start writing?

I have always loved to read and with the encouragement from my best friend I decided to give writing a try.
Q2. How long have you been writing? I published my first book in June of 2017 and it took me 8 years to complete it.
Q3. What is the hardest part about being an author?

The hardest thing about being an author is finding the time I have a full-time job a daughter and a fiancée so every extra minute I have I try to spend writing.
Q4. What lessons have you learned about being an author?

I have learned many lessons, but the fact that you can’t please everyone has to be the one that has taught me the most I’ve also learned that you can’t compare your success to other authors.

Q5. What is the best part of being an author?

Telling my story and hearing someone loved it or could relate to it.
Q6. Does the cover play a significant role in buying process?

I believe it definitely does, because the cover is what catches the reader’s eye.

Q7. Tell us a little bit about your cover art. Who designed it?

My publisher has many designers that he chooses from.

Why did you go with that particular image/artwork? I thought the artwork went well with the story.
Q8. Please describe what the story/book is about.

My book is a about a husband and a wife her name is Kimani and his name is Torrin they have ups and downs in their marriage but they are able to get through them until Torrin does the unforgiveable.
Q9. Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

Kimani is my favorite character because she is the type of woman I aim to be despite everything she goes through she bounces back and lands on her feet.
Q10 Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book? What makes your endeavors unique? My intended audience is men and women ranging from the ages of 24 to 35. I think my intended audience should read my book because the things that happen are things that they can relate to.
Q.11 Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?

I think Toya Wright should play Kimani and or Rasheeda from Love and Hip Hop.
Q12 Is there any more projects you are currently working on and what were your past works?

I am currently working on the second book in the Betrayal In Its Rarest Form series and an anthology with my pen sisters and brothers. My other book is my debut novel Love Gone Broke.

Q13. What advice would you offer an aspiring author?

I would just say study your craft and all aspects of the business as well, if you sign with a publisher do your part to make your career all it can be. Don’t sit back and expect the publisher to do all the work, because we only get out what we put in, tell your story and have fun, but also be prepared to work.


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