Spotlight Feature


Lies of Love

Every now and then you we get into relationships expecting to love, trust, horror, build and most of all respect each other. However things change, people change and then you’re stuck trying to figure out your next move.


Love: an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions: just completely loving someone. It’s when you trust the other person with your life and when you would do anything for one another. When you love someone you want nothing more than the best and for them to be truly happy no matter what it takes because that’s how much you care about them, because their needs come before your own. You hide nothing of yourself and can tell the other anything because you know they accept you just the way you are and vice versa. Purely Love or is it?

This is the journey of three couples facing different obstacle in their relationships, there will definitely be some bridges to cross and some mountains to climb follow the journey just to see who’s love stand the test of time.


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