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Looking for something to help you rejuvenate, re-evaluate and release from the stresses of life? This book of Mental Meal Interpretations is intended to offer food for thought intended to replenish the spirit in an effort to make a world of difference.
Use these life lessons as your Life’s Blessings. Consider this a Gift to Uplift! This One’s For Me and You 2!

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Good Read Alert.

This One From me to You


Chris Grainger is a man on a mission. He has allowed his lady, Angel to take care of the both of them for too long and drastically decides to make a change. When he uses money from their joint savings to finance his dream, unexpected trials stop his progress and causes major problems. His chance meeting with an old-school ex-bartender, a brainiac, computer whiz kid, and a tough, young punk could offer Chris the help he needs, or unforeseen harm. With limited options, Chris is forced to make decisions that can Make or Break his future. Will Chris’ FAITH override his FAULTS and get him help from FRIENDS he never knew he had? Find out in “If I Had No Loot” – A Motor City Survival Story.

This One’s For Me and You 2 Mental Meal Interpretations From The Motor City Sis


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Loving You is Always Right

by Fatima Munroe

Loving You Is Always Right

Most men are divinely drawn to their forever love the very first time they meet. Dating is a confirmation of that internal instinct. – Vega

 On the streets of Indianapolis, Loyalty and Vega struck fear in the hearts of men. Known for taking what they wanted, these men were the personification of fear and respect in the ‘Nap. Behind the scenes, their personal lives are the complete opposite of their reputations. Loyalty is a loving and caring family man with the big house in the suburbs. Vega hasn’t given up the street life just yet; looking for love in all the wrong places, he’s on the search for the ‘perfect woman’ to help raise his four year old daughter. Just when he think he’s met his match in a dancer by the name of Beautiful, Vega bumps into Domenica one night at Wal Mart and that’s when things get interesting.

Will Vega choose the woman who caught his eye or the one who holds his heart? Find out which of these exotic beauties has him wrapped around her finger and doesn’t care about him or his feelings, but in his eyes? Loving her will always be right no matter what.




Maya seems to have the perfect life. She is a successful real estate agent. She has a handsome fiancé’, Steven. She even has a fun and supportive best friend, Toni. Little do her friends realize, however, that Maya is living a lie. Secretly, she’s miserable- and it’s all Toni’s fault.

​Toni stole the love of Maya’s life and had the gall to marry him. Although ecstatic to have Ty as her husband, Toni knows their relationship will never be truly free of Maya. Her own feelings of guilt prevent her fully letting Maya go, forcing the two women to play a perverse game of keeping up appearances while they secretly hate each other.

​The game becomes very real when an accident leaves Toni’s husband injured and vulnerable-and Maya begins seeing the cracks in Toni and Ty’s relationship. At the same time, her own engagement to Steven is falling apart. Is this Maya’s last chance to get what she truly wants?

​In this twisting drama, two very different women finally let appearances ​ fall by the wayside, exposing the jealousy, anger, resentment and guilt that have been simmering just below the surface. Can Toni survive Maya’s toxic rage? IMG_20180405_164517_852_1529028230325 (1)


Two Shots at Love

by Queeny Pitts

Tushari Ja’Laei Gibson is a twenty-four-year-old kindergarten teacher and single mother to her three-year-old daughter, Zion. Being forced to start her life over in a whole new place, Shari had to learn how to cope with what she had to assure her and Zion will be fine. Having no family around to lean on for support and the father of her daughter nowhere to be found, Shari finds herself leaning on the shoulder of her best friend, Leslie, and her husband, Morgan, for help. While as Leslie is living life as if she has it all figured out, with an amazon husband and the career she’s always wanted.  Just when she thinks she has everything figured out, she too later finds herself leaning on her best friend after being faced with a huge bombshell that will surely shake up her perfect little world.


Meanwhile, Mekhi Renard Jordan is running things back home in the streets of New Orleans. He’s a young and very well respected boss who knows all about getting it how you live. At the tender age of twenty-five, after losing his one and only true love, Khi made a promise to himself that he would never love another woman the way loved her. Mekhi never understood why she just up and left, but he eventually got over it and focused on expanding his business and possibly finding new ventures to get into.

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe a love that is real can stand the test of time? Take a ride with Tushari on her journey to find out just how deep one’s desire for love can go.


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The Beast Within Me

By Honey Bee


Leaving a bad relationship and a small boring town in Tennessee, Trish Davenport moved to Brooklyn New York for fast life and some new excitement. What she didn’t know was that within the fast life and excitement came a new life in every sense of the phrase. There was a life that she only knew existed in books and T. V..
Trish learned of this new lifestyle when she was attacked in Central Park by what she thought was a Husky dog, when in fact it was the beast of all beasts. Take this wild ride into the life of Trish Davenport as she finds out that she has now become a werewolf.

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A Vulture’s Bond


A Vulture’s Bond is a story about loyalty, honor, and respect. These are the qualities instilled into the Reynolds’ clan at birth. Their upbringing details a mission to ensure they maintain a devout duty to uphold the integrity and principles of the family name. This well-bred state of mind provides the five siblings with an alliance built on reliability, trustworthiness, and devotion to one another. At no time do they expect anything to cause a chink in their armor. But that notion is ultimately put to the test. One member of the clan becomes more of a liability than an asset. That transition sets off a chain of events that cast a light so bright that each family member feels it. This inopportune threat seeks to disengage the fortified linked chain solidifying their Vulture’s Bond by reducing the uprightness of their stature. With so much on the line, the question for this clan will ultimately center on whether the morals and values ingrained into their psyche can withstand the pressure, or will the weakness of one drown the ship because of some unforeseen foolishness.