Shoulda Let You Go

by Fatima Munroe

Shoulda Let You Go

“Why do you stay with him knowing he’s not the one?”

“Auntie, you wouldn’t understand….”

“Baby, I understand a lot more than you might think I do. Your auntie has been in this world for a long time, and I’m from the same east side of Detroit that your mother is from,”

“It’s just different now than when it was when you and Mama came up. The world has changed since then. You didn’t have to go through the same struggles that we go through now,”

“You know baby, I used to be in a relationship just like yours. He wined me, dined me. I was so happy with my man, we used to catch flights every week. I started planning our life together, what it would be like when we got married.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“When I woke up in Houston in the ICU and realized it was all a lie….”


Dominic a.k.a. Dom is a self-made man who has no patience for disloyalty in his life. He’s seen too much on the streets of Detroit and been through more as a product of his environment. Not all women caught his eye, deep down he wanted that one woman who would make him feel complete based on his past. That was before he met HER. With all of her baggage, SHE showed him there was more to life. SHE taught him how to love. SHE held his heart. Then she left him for HIM.

Seeing so much destruction on the streets of Detroit ain’t normal for nobody, but for Marko it’s life. Never knew his mother, and with a fiend for a father, a bright future and happily ever after was nothing he aspired to. That was before he met HER. SHE was sexy, a melanin goddess in a world of peasants. Smart, but rough around the edges, SHE was the one who grounded him. He needed HER in his life, SHE gave him love. SHE gave him hope. Then SHE left him for HIM.

HE wants her mind, body and soul. HE wants her body and love. SHE is torn between two men. Which one will she choose?


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If Loving You is All that I have to Do.

By Fatima Munroe


If Loving You Is All That I Gotta Do

Struggle with him, they said. Build with him, they said. Support him, they said. I did all that, and you know what I got?  A grown boy on my couch. – Jersey

Jersey knew her relationship with Capo wasn’t worth the lies he fed her on a daily basis, but she stayed, praying every night that he would change. This was the man sent to be her forever love, he had to be. After all, that’s what he told her every time he got caught. Every time she took him back he swore he would change, every time he would do better. Love makes things happen, right? Especially Capo’s. Capo’s love made things happen all over Indianapolis.


I moved bricks for you, hit licks for you. Even left all my side chicks for you.  – Loyalty

Loyalty and Brii were known on the streets of the ‘Nap as Briyalty. She was his Bonnie, he was her Clyde, through it all they stayed down to ride. Lately Brii started making moves without him; sneaking around the city and coming home with things she didn’t have when she left. Things like money, diamonds, cars and a baby that looked nothing like him. When she admitted that she was the proud side piece of ‘Nap Town’s top crime boss, Loyalty understood the true meaning of karma.

Laying eyes on her for the first time since high school, Loyalty saw something in Jersey that he hadn’t seen in all his years on the streets. She had that sexiness, that confidence, that independence….she would be the one to put his life back into balance since Brii left. Everything about Loyalty screamed Capo to Jersey when he asked if she needed a ride. No way was she about to jump out the frying pan and into the fire, it wasn’t worth her sanity. 2017 was a wrap, she had to start making moves in 2018 to better herself as a woman. A relationship with Loyalty, Capo or anybody else wasn’t a part of her future. When a life or death situation hits close to home, Jersey finally sees what she needs in her life. Does Capo grow up to be the man she knows she deserves? Or does she give Loyalty a chance to live up to his name?


Addicted to a Casanova

by Queenyphoto

It’s not very often you find a man who can not only capture your heart but is willing to do any and everything to make you happy. True love is what they call it. What happens when you meet a perfect stranger that steals your heart and sweeps you off your feet in a totally different way? A man that is suave with a gift of G.A.B and the power to leave any woman spellbound. A casanova that is.

Elise Ross thought she had found the love of her life, the man she was meant to marry and spend

the rest of her days with, Jordyn Bryant. Being young and in college they both face temptation and when Jordyn falls short, Elise finds difficulty rekindling the fire between the two. She then meets Shannon Jackson, a smooth-talking ladies’ man who knows all the right thing to say to have her lingering on his every word. While Jordyn continues to fight for the love he once knew, Shannon is working overtime to win himself a spot in Elise’s heart. What will Elise do when she’s forced to choose between the man she’s always known and someone new? Where love, lies, betrayal and heartbreak meet, will Elise choose to stay with Jordyn? Or will she become Addicted to a Casanova?


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Married to a Chicago Bully

by Fatima Munroe

Married to a Chicago Bully

Bad lil’ thang, fine as hell. If you got a man, let him know the God is coming for him. And if you don’t, let these dudes know you belong to the God. – Atif

Known on the streets of the Chi as God, Atif has no interest in being with one woman and one woman only.  With his reputation as judge, jury and executioner all wrapped up into one, being in love has no place in his chosen line of work. Bumping into Kapri was an accident, but there was something about her eyes that told a story of beauty and pain. Something told him he had to make her his wife.

They call you God, right? Then you should know not to mess with me because I’ll break your heart.  – Kapri

Chicago’s wild, wild west side was known for gunfights and shootouts on a daily basis. If it wasn’t dodging bullets, it was dodging the thirsties with weak game and the crackheads who would sell their mama’s dentures for their next high. Kapri grew up as a product of her environment determined not to stay that way. Little did anyone know she was keeping a dark secret that no one would understand if it ever got out. Running into God twice in one day made her wonder if it was persistence or purpose. God? Tuh. Where was God when I needed him?

Living this double life was crazy, but when I found out my husband cheated on me I was determined to get back at him and his family for keeping it a secret – Tanjalyn

Tanjalyn had her own cross to bear; stuck in a loveless marriage yet torn between her husband and the man who could easily be the love of her life. Steve grounded her and provided her with stability while her heart begged to be with Prince, God’s ace. Being with Prince was easy, not only was Steve stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, but he’d also moved another woman in his life and their home. Discovering her youngest child is Prince’s biological daughter leaves her with a decision: tell her husband the truth or allow her baby girl Jenesis to call both men Daddy. When Steve receives yet another commendation and promotion as an officer in the Navy, naturally he wants his family back together and in the same city. But is it for love or appearances?

The fact that she was married was the ONLY thing stopping me from putting her name on the deed to this house and the bank accounts. – Prince

“Y’all just pretty boys with quick tempers.” Prince and God heard that and more for the majority of their lives growing up on the streets of Chi City. Always underestimated by the hardest gangsters, they quickly made a name for themselves when they took out not one, but two of the city’s top crime bosses. Now with the city under their rule, life was good in their eyes. All Prince needed was a ride-or-die by his side. When he walked into the Burger King and saw the girl behind the counter roll her eyes before taking his order, he knew she had potential. One date turned into one night, which turned into a messy situation two years later. Husband? What’s that? In his eyes, Tanji and Jenesis were his family. And he planned to protect his family at all costs.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. But being married to a Chicago bully is even more of a headache. Will these women live through it? Or will the pressure be too much?



The Forbidden Haven

Marie Ellis


“The Forbidden Haven” is the first installment of the “Haven” series. Cassy has known the “real” world her entire life. That is, until someone from the fantasy world comes and disturbs everything she knows. Her father spares her life by telling her to run to safety, which is something that has been practiced numerous times. Though hesitant, Cassy follows instructions and leaves her father behind. From there on, Cassy’s life has new meaning, a meaning she never knew existed. She is thrust into the world of Light and Dark caves, danger, lust and the need for protection. Will Cassy approve of her newfound life or will it be too much to handle? Enter The Haven to find out.

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He Saved Me.

by Honey Bee


He Saved Me:  Jason was a 29 year old man fighting his memory of his childhood life. He turned to drugs and violence and an escape from his path. He finally met a woman name Lisa that he wanted to spend his life with. Everything was good for a while he started being violent with Lisa. He didn’t mean to but he just could no longer control the drugs or thoughts that ran thru his mind. Lisa never had a real family and didn’t want to be alone allows it to continue. Till that one day when Jason went too far. While Jason ended up in the hospital fighting for his life and for sobriety Lisa was fighting for her unborn baby’s life. Can the doctors and medics get Lisa to leave Jason or can her unborn child give her the strength to leave? While in the hospital Lisa found some people that truly cared about her welfare. One person in particular that wanted to help Lisa was a medic named Mike that helped save Jason’s life. He lost his sister because of domestic violence and when he seen the condition Lisa was in he wanted to protect her from ever being hurt again. Lisa has a dream and talks with a voice that tells her that he will protect her and her baby. That he has always been there for her and he will always save her to just put trust in him. As Lisa is going thru her experience with the voice Jason is having a similar experience of his own with a voice telling him that he needs Jason to give out his testimony to others. That there are others that need to hear Jason’s testimony. Can Jason come clean off drugs and alcohol and help others? Will Lisa go back to Jason or will she find a family with Mike? Can God heal the hearts of Mike’s family? This story is about determination, faith and love and watch the gift of salvation take place.



By Joyful Soul BookCoverImage

Shannon learns of her fiance, Tony, having HIV at her surprise birthday party. He educates her on the knowledge of HIV and she chooses to love him in spite of this circumstance. The power of their love is tested when they hit a rough stage and Shannon goes to Keith for advice. Keith is the father of Shannon first born. After overcoming this obstacle, Shannon and Tony decide to still build a life together. After buying a home and preparing for the birth of their daughter, Tony is diagnosed with another terminal illness. This tragic event empowers Shannon to shine light on loving and being married to someone with HIV. She is able to give it a better understanding and hope for those who have lost hope in true love because of this condition.