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We’ve either been an active part of a “Situationship” or have a close friend, family member, or acquaintance who is actively participating in one. We promise ourselves that we wouldn’t get involved in a mundane affair of our own, but we indulge anyway. There’s no itinerary for where the “relationship” is headed, we just idle in cruise control. There’s no proper etiquette in dating, in this age of youth, it’s either too fast or too slow, or no commitment base, as too many people are afraid to express what they desire. If it looks like, sounds like, dresses like a relationship- what’s understood does not need to be explained. The motto alone, is enough to sabotage the purest of intentions. Listen, pour a glass of wine, grab your own pen and let these pieces inspire you to let go of a toxic thing, that is not worthy of you.


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Ghetto Tales Of Anguish

By Author J Brinkley

Dewain Perkins always thought about living a better life, aside from the underworld. But secrets, greed and jealousy crept into his life and caused betrayal and death. He is devastated and becomes delusional, he has no idea who to trust. Dewain cannot rest until he discovers who is behind the fatalities of those close to him and once he finds out who it is, he begins to rally up a few troops to get his revenge.



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Love gives you a crazy kind of brave ~ Unknown

The world of Crazy continues…

 Hez and A’riyah, return to deliver more twists and turns with a touch of crazy.  You can’t make someone love you….Or can you?  With one man fighting to hold on to a night of passion and another on the hunt to locate his lover and an ex who vows to get revenge, will leave you wondering who will survive?  Have things gone a little too far? What once was A’riyah’s way out maybe become her worst nightmare. Prepare to experience  All Types of Crazy!!



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Book Spotlight


By Justin Smith  

In a sweeping panorama from the continent-spanning forests of Oz to the dystopian hell that is Pembroke, the Indigo tribe grows as they hire archaeologists to determine why their homeland is uninhabited. They uncover an ancient evil bent on destroying all other sentient life in the universe — one that exterminated cave men and other species on Oz. They also battle evil governments in other universes and establish themselves in a quaint but beautiful timeline.
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