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A Hustler’s Love has me Twisted

by Zora 


Circumstances will change your life in a blink of a eye. Kaz, hood rich, young straight boss was living his best life until he crossed paths with Seka. Seka , single mom holding it down for herself, her daughter wasn’t looking for love to hang with her girls, talk shit and live her best life. Circumstances happened when their paths crossed as they both were working hard, playing even harder when a chance encounter will change both of their outlook forever.received_276505949859762 (1)


Spotlight Feature

A Vulture’s Bond


A Vulture’s Bond is a story about loyalty, honor, and respect. These are the qualities instilled into the Reynolds’ clan at birth. Their upbringing details a mission to ensure they maintain a devout duty to uphold the integrity and principles of the family name. This well-bred state of mind provides the five siblings with an alliance built on reliability, trustworthiness, and devotion to one another. At no time do they expect anything to cause a chink in their armor. But that notion is ultimately put to the test. One member of the clan becomes more of a liability than an asset. That transition sets off a chain of events that cast a light so bright that each family member feels it. This inopportune threat seeks to disengage the fortified linked chain solidifying their Vulture’s Bond by reducing the uprightness of their stature. With so much on the line, the question for this clan will ultimately center on whether the morals and values ingrained into their psyche can withstand the pressure, or will the weakness of one drown the ship because of some unforeseen foolishness.

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Book of the Day

Ghetto Tales Of Anguish

By Author J Brinkley

Dewain Perkins always thought about living a better life, aside from the underworld. But secrets, greed and jealousy crept into his life and caused betrayal and death. He is devastated and becomes delusional, he has no idea who to trust. Dewain cannot rest until he discovers who is behind the fatalities of those close to him and once he finds out who it is, he begins to rally up a few troops to get his revenge.