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A Hustler’s Love has me Twisted

by Zora 


Circumstances will change your life in a blink of a eye. Kaz, hood rich, young straight boss was living his best life until he crossed paths with Seka. Seka , single mom holding it down for herself, her daughter wasn’t looking for love to hang with her girls, talk shit and live her best life. Circumstances happened when their paths crossed as they both were working hard, playing even harder when a chance encounter will change both of their outlook forever.received_276505949859762 (1)


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Ghetto Tales Of Anguish

By Author J Brinkley

Dewain Perkins always thought about living a better life, aside from the underworld. But secrets, greed and jealousy crept into his life and caused betrayal and death. He is devastated and becomes delusional, he has no idea who to trust. Dewain cannot rest until he discovers who is behind the fatalities of those close to him and once he finds out who it is, he begins to rally up a few troops to get his revenge.



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Shawty Been Finessed By A Boss

by Dymond

Sin is a king to the streets and mogul in business. With his model agency in the top five, he is a force to be reckoned with. Things take an unexpected turn when he takes interest in Ivory. Feelings are felt and some are fucked; especially when it’s comes to Champaign. A bitter and hateful ex. One so hard for the love of Sin that she will go to any lengths to get her man. With Ivory being broken from her past, will she be able to withstand the lengths to get his love or will she fall? Will Champaign win her man and prove that she’s the best choice or will the both be finessed by a boss?


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Lovin’ Safari

by Dean Hamid

Black Ink Publications

There’s nothing like a woman who’s attractive, educated and armed with many talents. Talents that could knock a grown man to his knees even if he’s supposed to be putting her down on her back.

Meet Safari Kennedy, a only child born to parents who both meet an untimely death, but unlike her mother who dies in a automobile accident, Safari witnesses the murder of her father. For some unbeknownst reason, the killer lets her get away. Years pass, and she never tells a soul, but spends her time preparing to cross his path, again.

Then, there is Zues Bellot, a crafty, seasoned assassin. An assistant to one of the most powerful political, mobsters in St. Louis, Missouri; Mr. Gunzz Black. Men, who by day dress in suits kissing babies, but by night control another market that dominates both worlds; criminal.

Not looking for love. Zues and Safari, are on a conquest not knowing how they will play into each other’s hands until it’s too late, or is it? Will Safari and Zues allow Gunzz Black to have his way, or even fate; or will they remain focused on the task at hand,

finally finishing something that was started in their past?

It’s all about to be revealed when the past walks the future down with possible grave consequences.








The Quiet Storm


Deidre Leshay




“Last night was the worst night of my fucking life. I had a fucking gun at my head and was terrified, John’s fat sloppy nasty dirty ass threatened to kill me all because I wanted to help you out and your stupid ass never showed up.” I screamed as I launched at Kristen my ex-sister, roommate, and best friend.

Kristen and I met when we were in the first grade and have been joined at the hip. When we were in the fifth grade she lost her parents in a car accident. My parents were more than happy to take her in. She in a sense became my sister. Once we had completed grade school she becomes Krissy the only time I refer to her as Kristen is when I am about to kill her. After our first year in college, Kristen decided that she could make more money entertaining men. I, on the other hand, was too scared to tell our parents I wasn’t going to complete school so became a doctor just as my father told me to.

Kristen followed her heart and become an escort. One day she plans to go back to school and become a lawyer but right now she likes having all the men drool over her.  From time to time she needs someone to help her and I am usually that girl. Last night she wanted to see her part-time lover Rome and needed me to stand in for a few hours. We would split the earnings.

I get there and the guy is fat like Notorious Big fat. He had to have seven or eight stomachs and his breast was three sizes larger than mine. As soon as I laid eyes on him I threw up in my mouth. He was wearing a purple shirt looking like Barney.

Not even thirty minutes later it’s a fucking real-life slaughterhouse bullet were flying everywhere. He had the nerve to grab me up and hold his gun to my head and say he would shoot me.  As if whoever was up in his spot gave a flying fuck about him killing. Thank God, the police showed up or I would be dead.

“KAILEY CALM DOWN,” said hollered throwing her hands up in a lousy attempt to stop me in mid-air.

“How on God’s green earth am I supposed to calm down when you almost got me killed? Why didn’t you show up? I answered landing on top of her.

“Kailey I’m not going to fight you. This is a stupid misunderstanding. Let’s not ruin years of friendship.”

“Oh, bitch we are definitely fighting and we are definitely still going to be friends sometimes we just need our asses kicked for the stupid shit we do,” I stated while hitting her in the face back to back.

It’s great that Kristen doesn’t want to fight me she looks real good taking this ass whooping like a woman. Kristen catches me off-guard when she grabs me by the hair slings me off of her, jumps up and kicks me in my ribs 3 times. That last kick took my breath away. A scream of pain left my lips.

I am a good fifty pounds larger than she is never would I have imagined that she would be able to throw me. When in a fight one should never underestimate the competition.  Damn, I was not ready for that. Quickly regaining my composure and put my game face on because it was going down.

Once, off the ground, it was easier to attack her like a wild animal. Knocking us to the ground, this time, I was on top of her and pounded her head into the ground then started punching her in the face again. She scratched my face and hit me in the face. Pulling my hair yet again.

That shit hurts like hell. Clearly, this was not thought out. It’s by the grace of God that I won or hell we both just got tried. She laid on one side of the ground and I laid on the other both out of breath and beat up.

Looking over at Kristen I asked,” what are we having for dinner?”

“Roosters sounds great?”

“We need to get cleaned up and get dinner and umm you need a better job, Kristen, last night was scary as fuck.”

“I’m so sorry Kailey, I hope you know I would never put you in any danger, I lost track of time. Rome was giving me that work,” she replied.

We laid there on the floor for fifteen or twenty minutes before mustering up the energy to get up and get dressed.

Rooster was packed as usual. There was nowhere to park. We decided that we would just eat where else. We had to get some gas first. BP was on the corner after parking at the gas pump, I went inside to pay some lady was screaming at the store clerk. The line was out of control.

“Why is everywhere so busy it’s a damn around here tonight? All I want is some fucking chicken and a glass of wine.”

Just as I was opening the door my phone beeped, pulling it my pocket checking to see who was messaging me. My attention was on my phone and not on what was in front of me, and I walked into a couple. We collided so hard I dropped my cell phone.

“SHIT! I am so sorry.” I said slowly looking up to find a pure vision of loveliness standing in front of me.

He had to get you so fuckin sexy smile as I looked him and down. He wasn’t super tall if I had to guess I would five foot ten. He was a deep peanut butter complexion with round eyes. Not large eye they were just very round. From the way his shirt looked one would guess that he had a solid chest. His smile was breathtaking hell I was so busy staring at him I totally forgot to that he had a woman standing next to him.

“You good Ma,” he replied bending down to picking up my cell phone. He handed me my phone and we stared at each other smiling like dummies.

“I’m Q.”

“Nice to meet you Q, I’m Kailey.”

“Kailey, you are very beautiful. Why don’t you let me add my name to your contact? And you add your information to mine.”


We exchanged phones and I added my number. Q gave me back my phone and we stood there smiling at each other again.

“Q did you really just give that bitch your number in my face.” The woman standing next to him said.

Which was my queue to walk the hell away; I don’t have time for silly bitches and their drama. Fucking with Kailey she will get her ass beat all across this parking lot for real.

“Kailey, call me later,” Q commanded.

There was no need for me to respond if he wants to talk, he will call me when he gets a chance. Not to mention that it was very disrespectful for him to hit on me in front of his chick.

Once back to the car I paid for the gas using my credit card pumped it and I was about to get inside my car a voice yelled: “You BITCH!”

I turn to see oh girl charging toward me. There is not enough energy in my body to fight this random chick about her man liking what saw. Before she would get to me Q had yoked her up by her arm.

Just as I got in the car there was a text from my father saying he needed to see me ASAP. Damn, I’m not getting my fucking chicken tonight. I whined as I turned on the car, and headed to his house.



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Meet A’riyah  25-year-old business owner she has it all. She’s beautiful and she is loyal. Just loyal to the wrong people. She gives and she gives only to get shit in return. check out her night at her boyfriend’s party.


“Don’t y’all look chummy?” I greeted.

  “I need everyone’s attention? For the record,

Ashley is now my girl. I’m getting rid of Ryiah’s ass. She thinks she’s the shit, not to mention she’s a hoe. My boy watched her kiss another man. Bitch, it’s over. Get the fuck out of my party.”

I died standing right there. If I had a gun, I’d have blown his fucking brains out. Did he just do that in front of the whole party? My friends were here looking at me and other people were laughing. Jamal West would live to regret this moment if it was the last thing I do. Payback was a bitch, and he fucked her.

What type of revenge do you think that A’riyah will get on her boyfriend Jamal? 

How would you feel if this was you getting dumped in a room full of people?

If you want to know more then pick up  Every Bit of Crazy by Deidre Leshay.

IT”SONLY 99 cent for the ebook and the paperback book is 10.00 plus shipping. To order the paperback book email subject paperback.

Purchase the ebook and get entered to win a gift. Send proof of purchase to

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Alexis and Wesley 2


You want the tea.

Poor Alexis can’t seem to catch a break.  She has put everything on the line to be with Wesley, who is missing in action. Her infidelity just might cost her, her life.  Everyone in the world wants her DEAD. Her husband Chase is taking the until death do us part of their wedding vowel seriously.   Wesley gas to come back from the dead to save the mother of his child, but people want him dead too. Will Alexis and Wesley survive? Will they get their happily ever after?

Here is a sneak peak.


It was taking them niggers way too long to kill each other, so I decided to go help them when I saw Alexis’s ass peeping in the window. Rushing outside, I yoked her up by the arm.  She let out a horrible scream. I hoped that I hurt her stupid ass because this mess was her fault.

“Hello, my sweet. I want you to witness this mess you started. All you had to do, was be faithful. But nooooo, you had to fuck your past.”

“Chase, you fucked that stripper, so who are you to point fingers? And you got the bitch pregnant,” she shot back at me.

“I took care of that problem. Camille will never bother us again. Meanwhile, I get to raise Wesley’s child.” I whispered, forcing her into the room. Looks like I acted too soon because Wes was beating the shit out of Carlton.  Once he laid eyes on Alexis, he stopped and she snatched away from me. My eyes started burning as the house filled with colorful smoke and the lights went out.  They had to throw about 200 of whatever they threw because the smoke was thick and it was hard to see.

I heard someone say, “Good night bitches,” then shots were fired. I heard Alexis scream.

The room was oddly quiet, as I waited on the smoke to clear….